Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vendor Spotlight : HaileysImpuluseART

We are very excited to introduce you to:

" HaileysImpuluseART "

Check out her Product and Little bit about her:


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Here's a bit about me...

HaileysImpuluseART - Spontaneous ART for the Spontaneous LIFE

I am a born and raised Utah farm girl who isn't afraid to get dirty. I grew up nurturing the animals and soil, fixing fences, driving tractors and throwing hay. All of which I actually still do. I live on a farm with my darling fiancé with our two dogs, several cats and our Rocky Mountain Painted Sheep herd. When traveling I love to take photos, when home I love to keep my hands and imagination busy with my painting and crafting.

I have just started selling my art this past spring. Each month gets a little better and I hope for the day I can just do art and not go anywhere except the hobby store. :) Artists dream. lol

So Stop by her booth and say Hi!

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