Saturday, October 17, 2009


We just wanted to thank all of you who came to the show and participated on the 3rd! We had a lot of fun even thought there wasn't as much traffic as we were hoping to have.

We hope that you guys enjoyed yourself, we loved meeting all of our vendors.

There was lots of Giveaways thru out the day and Our Entertainers rocked!!!

Here are photos from our Vendors at  the show:

SANY3282SANY3308 SANY3280 SANY3281  SANY3283 SANY3285 SANY3286 SANY3287 SANY3288 SANY3289 SANY3290 SANY3291 SANY3292 SANY3293 SANY3294 SANY3295 SANY3296 SANY3297 SANY3298 SANY3299 SANY3300 SANY3301 SANY3302 SANY3303 SANY3304 SANY3306 SANY3307

Here are some photos of the Entertainers:

SANY3275 SANY3276 SANY3277 SANY3278 SANY3279

If you'd like to be updated on when the next show is, send your    Email address to or join our Facebook page!!

Thanks Again and We will keep you posted on our Upcoming shows!!!

Karina,Kari & Michelle

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vendor Spotlight: Sweet Princess Accessories

Hello Everyone! We are excited to introduce you to

“Sweet Princess Accessories”

Check out her  photos and little bit about Her:

DSCN0168DSCN0166  DSCN0181  flowerwings DSCN0164flowertutus

DSCN0206   DSCN0182


I'm so happy to start my own website with all my cute girls’ accessories, clothes, and Jewelry. I started my business 2 years ago. You will find the cutest things for your little princess and of course the best prices. We carry Pottery Barn items, Cookie Lee Jewelry and my own design of Sweet Princess Accessories. My number one priority is always you, my costumer, so keep your eyes on my web site for the best and hottest items every week.

Sweet princess is for sweet girls.
hair flowers,bows, tutus,winds clippies,headbands and more..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vendor Spotlight : Salt Crystal

Hello Everyone! We are excited to introduce you to

“Salt Crystal- Christy Tucker”

Check out her  photos and little bit about Her:

4x6 crystal displayMountain_Air[1]-for-zapp  4x6 gift set

Hi, I'm Christy Tucker.  I have a unique, original room fragrance.  I mix natural and essential oils with colored and sealed sea salt crystals.  The result is a decorative, effective 24/7 room fragrance.  There is no heat or flame required.  You control the subtleness or strength of the scent by how often you stir the crystals. 
Why do I use salt?  Because salt absorbs odors like baking soda.  This product not only makes your house smell great it's perfect for problem areas also. I have several scents to choose from and gift sets too.  The gift set includes a bag of salt crystals, a bottle of oil to refresh them as needed and a decorative bowl to display them in.  Sometimes I have some fun and find vintage and antique bowls for my gift sets.  Come see what I have, I'm sure you'll find something you like!  

Monday, September 28, 2009


Pete Fintak! We are so excited to announce that Pete will be join us for our show. He will be performing from 6-8 p.m. Pete has been writing and playing music for 16 years. He is a professional musician living and working in the Salt Lake City area. Besides being a vocalist, Pete is trained as a guitarist, pianist, bass player and drummer. Pete enjoys performing and makes it a point to include the audience in the most interactive way possible.
Tell all your friends and family to come join us for a fun, free show! We'll see you there.

You can also learn more about Pete at:

Vendor Spotlight

Hello Everyone! We are excited to introduce you to

“Elizabeth Loertscher”

Check out her  photos and little bit about Her:

3SeatedCloaksGetAttachmentFestival allprojects2gryphon   butterflyburma rosewood globe  canarywoodgolbe

" My name is Elizabeth Loertscher. I’ve been wearing barrettes in my hair for over ten years, and sometime last year I started making my own. After my current favorite barrette broke, again, I got fed up with spending money on plastic barrettes that I only sort of liked in the first place and decided to try something different. I started with a trip to the Gem Faire and since then I’ve been scouring thrift stores, clearance sales, and my friends jewelry boxes to find interesting and unique items for new barrettes. I enjoy the fact that I am making beautiful and environmentally friendly hair art.

I started selling them at the People’s Market last summer and I have been going since.

A friend donated her collection of seed beads to my cause, and although I discovered I do not have the patience to bead barrette forms, I adapted a pendulum technique to bead a lattice work around various size bottles intended for recycling. The smaller ones I have been making into necklaces and I’m moving into larger and more intricate designs.

The name Green Lady Creations fit my goals of environmentally friendly recycled art. Currently I am finishing up two special orders – barrettes for my coworker and her sisters from their mothers costume jewelry they remember from their childhood, and some beaded bottles with a suspended cross in the design for a friend to share some holy water from a well in Europe with her Catholic family."

Thanks, Elizabeth