Friday, September 25, 2009

Vendor Spotlight MODA BB

Hello Everyone! We are excited to introduce you to


Check out their album photos and little bit about her:


DSC09015 DSC08692  DSC08870

Moda BB  Came to place about 1  1/2  year ago when Karina went down to Brazil to visit family. As she walked thru the craft stores, she couldn't believe how beautiful the handmade designs were, and that's how this came to be! All of Karina's jewelry items are handmade by her. Here at MODA BB  you will find the finest Quality Materials such as : Acai beads,polished coconut wood, Amazonian Seeds,feathers,clay,brass metal and much more! from the Brazilian Rainforest.
Since the seeds are made by nature it might be similar , but never identical.

She also accepts Custom orders .

So don't forget to check her booth out :)