Monday, September 28, 2009

Vendor Spotlight

Hello Everyone! We are excited to introduce you to

“Elizabeth Loertscher”

Check out her  photos and little bit about Her:

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" My name is Elizabeth Loertscher. I’ve been wearing barrettes in my hair for over ten years, and sometime last year I started making my own. After my current favorite barrette broke, again, I got fed up with spending money on plastic barrettes that I only sort of liked in the first place and decided to try something different. I started with a trip to the Gem Faire and since then I’ve been scouring thrift stores, clearance sales, and my friends jewelry boxes to find interesting and unique items for new barrettes. I enjoy the fact that I am making beautiful and environmentally friendly hair art.

I started selling them at the People’s Market last summer and I have been going since.

A friend donated her collection of seed beads to my cause, and although I discovered I do not have the patience to bead barrette forms, I adapted a pendulum technique to bead a lattice work around various size bottles intended for recycling. The smaller ones I have been making into necklaces and I’m moving into larger and more intricate designs.

The name Green Lady Creations fit my goals of environmentally friendly recycled art. Currently I am finishing up two special orders – barrettes for my coworker and her sisters from their mothers costume jewelry they remember from their childhood, and some beaded bottles with a suspended cross in the design for a friend to share some holy water from a well in Europe with her Catholic family."

Thanks, Elizabeth

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