Saturday, October 17, 2009


We just wanted to thank all of you who came to the show and participated on the 3rd! We had a lot of fun even thought there wasn't as much traffic as we were hoping to have.

We hope that you guys enjoyed yourself, we loved meeting all of our vendors.

There was lots of Giveaways thru out the day and Our Entertainers rocked!!!

Here are photos from our Vendors at  the show:

SANY3282SANY3308 SANY3280 SANY3281  SANY3283 SANY3285 SANY3286 SANY3287 SANY3288 SANY3289 SANY3290 SANY3291 SANY3292 SANY3293 SANY3294 SANY3295 SANY3296 SANY3297 SANY3298 SANY3299 SANY3300 SANY3301 SANY3302 SANY3303 SANY3304 SANY3306 SANY3307

Here are some photos of the Entertainers:

SANY3275 SANY3276 SANY3277 SANY3278 SANY3279

If you'd like to be updated on when the next show is, send your    Email address to or join our Facebook page!!

Thanks Again and We will keep you posted on our Upcoming shows!!!

Karina,Kari & Michelle

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Looks like you had an amazing show!